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DuoQ Modchip
DuoQ modchip
Generation Drivechip
Flash Size
DuoQ N/A
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The DuoQ is a drivechip for the Nintendo Gamecube. It's identical to a XenoGC 1.0 modchip (as it is most likely a clone under a different name).


  • Jumperless solution for Pal, US and Jap machines.
  • LED Indicator lights.
  • Low power design.
  • Simple 6 wire installation points.
  • Supports Multi games & AR
  • Compatible with GQ originals & imports
  • Compatible with backups.


(Assuming that this behaves the same as the XenoGC 1.0)

General Info

You can adjust a few settings by holding various buttons on controller 1 while booting a game - this means from just before and during the black screen as the boot up menu goes away and the game starts up. The settings will be in effect per boot and not change behaviour permanently.

[L button] Disable audiofix

If you modified your backup images to work with bioses that didn't support streaming audio correctly, you can disable the native fix.

[R button] Disable DREfix

Turns off the native read adjustment/retries. Can be useful if you want to scan a disc for read errors. The chip will not try to prevent any errors and use the default read settings

[X/Y button] Force NTSC/PAL display mode

Will force the selected region's display mode regardless of the actual game region. This will work for some games, for others it won't.

[START button] Version display

On a version 1.0 XenoGC it shows some basic version info (Chip, GC and drive) but on this chip it appears to be missing - in order to use a cheaper IC or to avoid looking like a clone?

Developers Team Omega
CPU Unknown
Modchip Type Drivechip
Features Gamecube BIOS
Installation 9 wires (3 optional)