Datel's SD Media Launcher

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Datel's SD Media Launcher

Datel's SD Media launcher was made to run homebrew on unmodified GameCube's in a super easy way!


The Package always contains:

  • SD Media Launcher disc
  • SD Reader
  • SD Media Launcher memory card
  • SD Media Launcher Manual

If you order SD Media Launcher from Datel's website, you can order a SD card less version or a version with a SD card.

Getting started

  • Put an SD Card (Max 4GB non-SDHC(it can read bigger cards, but SD Media Launcher can't) in the SD Reader and put it in the computer.
  • Copy for this example swiss on it (if rename swiss.dol autoexec.dol SD Media Launcher will auto execute the program).
  • Put the SD card in the SD Media Launcher memory card and put it in any memory card slot in the GameCube.
  • Put SD Media Launcher disc in the GameCube and turn on the GameCube.
  • In the SD menu you should see a file named swiss.dol in this case.
    • If you press the B button you should get into the Action replay menu, where you can use the free loader or use the preloaded cheats with games.
  • Run swiss.dol by pressing the A button.