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The Max Drive and Max Drive Pro are bootdisc based solutions developed by Datel to allow booting homebrew on unmodified Gamecubes using a special memory card device. The system consists of 4 components: the MAX Drive Pro cartridge(memory card), MAX Drive Pro bootdisc, MAX Drive Pro PC Drivers & Software disc, USB cable.


  • Massive 8MB/64Mb GameCube memory card with built-in high speed USB port
  • Over 1000 blocks of game save data - 16 times the size of a standard GameCube memory card
  • Run executable files on a GameCube
  • Simply drag and drop PC files onto the MAX Drive Pro cartridge
  • Works on any GameCube from any region

With the Max Drive Pro PC drivers and software installed on a Windows PC, homebrew (unsigned code) can be uploaded and stored onto the Max Drive Pro Cartridge using the supplied USB cable. Additionally, the Max Drive Pro Cartridge also functions as a memory card for game save data which can also be transfered to and from the PC.
The Max Drive Pro bootdisc contains a software utility for booting homebrew stored on the Max Drive Pro Cartridge.


The Max Drive Pro PC software may encounter issues such as failing to detect the Max Drive Pro Cartridge has been connected or indicating the memory card is corrupted or incorrectly inserted.
The Max Drive Pro bootdisc may fail to load some homebrew programs due to tho homebrew having been programmed with the expectation that the user will run them using the PSO hack or other unofficial methods.